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Ice Lemans Race 

-Speed limit in the pits is 10 MPH!! 

-False start will be black flagged and will do a stop and go penalty 
Failure to stop will lead to disqualifying 

-Top 5 finishers will be impounded to check engine size and verify finishing places 

-Open class engine size will not be checked but will still be impounded to verify places 

-Top 5 finishers can protest on a cc basis by putting up $100 - protest MUST be made in the impound area 

-We are asking the riders who have raced pro or semi-pro in the past to please limit their trophy races to the trophy open and the buddy race.  Please tell the sign up persons that you are a pro racer.  Trophy racers are allowed to race in both pro classes.  We hope this doesn't cause too much confusion. 

-Pro riders can only race in the 3 pro classes and the trophy open. (and will start in the back row with a 20 sec penalty in trophy open)

-Sunday race entrys will start in the last row 

-Racers in the trophy classes may bump into the next class on all three pro class 
at the lake by contacting a Race Staff Member.

Youth (age 12-14) Air Cooled or 500 Liquid 
-Any size Air Cooled or 500cc Liquid

Youth (age 15-17) Air Cooled or 500 Liquid
-Any size Air Cooled or 500cc Liquid

-600cc Max 

VINTAGE � '83 & older leaf spring 
-1983 and older, Must be leaf spring

Air Cooled 
- Any size air cooled/fan

85 Horse (500cc Max, Single pipe, No Power Valves) 
- Stock Specs must state 85hp or less, 500cc Max, Single pipe, No Power valves

500 cc Max 
-500 cc Max

600 cc Max
-600 cc Max

-Any Size Motor

Trail Stud 500 
- 500cc Max, Trail Studs Only, NO Picks, Can Run Any Wearbar/Carbides

Trail Stud OPEN 
- Any Motor Size, Trail Studs Only, NO Picks, Can Run Any Wearbar/Carbides

Buddy Race
- Any Size Motor
- Teams will consist of 2 riders who will race 4 laps each 
- Only 1 pro rider per team 
- 1 sled will be used by both riders 
- Starting positions will be a random draw 
- If you don't have a tether you will need to shut off the sled and restart when switching. 

120 (120 Class)


Radar Run
- $10.00 a run or 3 for $20.00
Stock Class 
--Engine, exhaust, and chassis must be stock (including canister) 
Improved Stock
-- Body must appear Stock

--Both Stock Apearing Body and Lay Down Chassis

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